Airdrops of the week

Hello Desiairdrops community members, we are starting a regular review of the Airdrops of the week for the convenience of easy registration. Last week we posted close to 12 Crypto airdrops on our DesiAirdrops website. Here in this article, I will be reviewing the best and most valuable airdrop from the last week. So let’s get started.

We have listed some most popular airdrops of the week. Offers are limited! Instead of wasting time, go and grab your free crypto. Because Time can’t be tied.

1. Bitget

       Rewards: 500 BFT
       Requirements: Sign up at a website
       Airdrop closes on: N/A
       Link to Airdrop:

bitget Airdrop

2. Catex

       Rewards: $250
       Requirements: Visit the Giveaway Page.
       Airdrop closes on: N/A
       Link to Airdrop:

Catex Giveaway

3. Tron by Ledger

       Rewards: $2000
       Requirements: Visit the contest page.
       Airdrop closes on: N/A
       Link to Airdrop:

Ledger and Tron Contest

4. Bitrue

       Rewards: $2.5
       Requirements: Join their Telegram Bot.
       Airdrop closes on: N/A
       Link to Airdrop:

Bitrue Airdrop

Thats all folks, 

Have a Happy Airdropping!

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