Cryptomillions- Lottery with Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology

Cryptomillions introduce the lottery sector in a new innovative way. Which is really very surprising in the crypto market. Needless to say, Cryptomillions is the disruptive agent that will change forever the $300 billion a year in the sales industry of state-run lotteries. They rely on the Blockchain and Smart Contract that can able to disrupt the market. Essentially, Cryptomillions offers-

  • Full transparency of each transaction
  • Random Number Generation or RNG and
  • Automatization of Payments and Donations

How Blockchain and Smart Contracts helps Cryptomillions?

Before the blockchain, the scenario in the lottery sector is totally different. It is quite impossible to compete with a government-owned lottery. So, blockchain technology breaks the fence and provides full transparency for every transaction. Furthermore, it allows us to monitor and audit in every transaction we make. Thus making us fulfill one of our core beliefs. That lotteries made for the people. And the people should know exactly how the prizes have paid. To which foundations contributions have made, how often, etc. 

Smart-contracts are the tool that assures to every single player, token holder, foundation, or Cryptomillions ambassador that our obligations will meet. And, without manual intervention from any human whatsoever. 

Now the VM randomly selects the numbers, will publish on the website, pay to the winner’s wallet. Moreover, a push notification will send to the winner. Hence, it’s possible that the winner has the proceedings in their wallet even before knowing about the good news.

Moreover, their core values are- 

  • Transparency, 
  • Efficiency, 
  • Speed, 
  • Accountability, 
  • Trustworthiness, 
  • and Disruptive Thinking.

    Actually, the lottery business is a highly promising one. Millions of dollars already have spent by individuals. While playing the lottery does not have the negative connotation associated with gambling.  it is also seen as a powerful way of raising funds for charity and other philanthropic schemes. 

Comparing Cryptomillions with other lotteries

The issues associated with the global lottery market-

  • Printed Tickets: These tickets checks to the bearer and may get lost, stolen or damaged. In such events, the funds would not be collected or may be collected by someone else. 
  • Inefficient: Buying takes time. You need to find a dealer that open when you wish to buy it. And to collect your prize money, you need to contact authorized dealers. Also, to check for winning numbers, one needs to find a newspaper, website or dealer.
  • Lack of Transparency: There’s no visibility into where the funds are using. Which foundations are benefiting from the lotteries? What happens to unclaimed prizes and many other such questions. All these are addressed by Cryptomillions.
  • Risk: Apart from the risk of losing your ticket, you also run the risk of being mugged if you’ve just won a large sum.
  • Odds and Pricing: Lotteries across the world have recently hiked ticket prices. Even changed the odds of winning by increasing the total numbers available to choose from. Moreover, making a winner as unlikely as being eaten by a shark! In fact, the higher ticket pricing and lower odds of winning have created the illusion. And that is of a massive increase in jackpots in the recent past. An example being Powerball reaching over $1 billion.
  • Prizes: It can either be a lumpsum payment with time-adjusted discounts. Or distributed in regular and fixed installments over a long period of time.

The features that make Cryptomillion from others

  • Digital Tickets: This can’t be lost, stolen or damaged. Players don’t need to go anywhere, as the prize money is credited immediately to their accounts. It’s completely hassle-free. 
  • Efficient: Buying tickets can be done 24/7, using our app. Also, the frequent buyer feature allows players to schedule the frequency of ticket purchases. It is then done automatically. And, players don’t need to keep track of winning numbers, as smart contracts send notifications to winners within seconds of the winning numbers being published and immediately credits the player’s account with their prize money.
  • Full Transparency: Every sale, drawing, donation, and the payout is recorded on the blockchain. Making it available for anyone to see. There are no unclaimed prizes, as smart contracts execute the transfer automatically.
  • Zero Risk: You can’t lose your ticket and no one knows the identity of winners.
  • Enhanced Odds and Lower Pricing: Our odds are among the best in the world, if not the best. Chances of winning are 1 in 9.4 million. In comparison, Camelot UK (the operator of local lotteries in the UK) has odds of 1 in 45 million! Each ticket costs €2. Our pricing is $1.50 per ticket.
  • Payment: It is immediate and for the full amount of the prize.

How Cryptomillions works


  1. The process of selecting numbers, playing, and checking winners will achieve at lightning speed! And everything will be done using our Cryptomillions App.
  2. Login using your Facebook, Google or email account.
  3. Select the game of your choice.
  4. Select your numbers with our “Shake and Play” feature (this uses the gyroscopic function of your mobile to generate random numbers) or manually.
  5. Turn on notifications and you will be notified about every drawing before it takes place. After the drawing, winners will be notified via the APP and email.

Mission and Vission

The mission is to deliver the most fun, secure and transparent online lottery and gaming experience to our players and to contribute to social causes through donations.

The vision is to transform the lottery sector revitalizing the core values of lotteries, with a refreshing twist of empowerment, engagement. Moreover, top-notch technology appealing to traditional players and new ones!

Use of Proceeds and Token Allocations


                                                                                    Use of Proceeds


                                                                                 Token Allocations

How to earn CPM1 Tokens in Free of Cost?

To earn CPM1 tokens or want to participate in free airdropping, please come to our DesiAirdrops! Site. Here you can continue your happy airdropping with CryptoMillions Exclusive Airdrop without any interruption. All the steps are given in a clear and concise way. So, it’ll be comprehensible by all.


In the year 2019, they had focused on developing the backend. Finally, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of Cryptomillion App which is now ready. They are in the process of obtaining a gaming/lottery license from Curacao. So, the best way to serve our clientele and token holders is to be present in the long run. Hence, this can only accomplish by acquiring more licenses across different jurisdictions to comply with as many regional regulations as they can. Nowadays most companies trying to change the world. They are aiming at a very well established business model – one that already has billions of dollars a year in sales. They are not trying to create a new one. So the challenge is greatly reduced. The team that can achieve what need to successfully complete the application and to attract buyers.

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