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Easy Feedback: Transmitting Knowledge

Easy feedback hopes to transform things. Because it helps companies to achieve care excellence towards their customers. It encourages also creativity to improve company products, services, and processes. Therefore improve the world. More we can say “your feedback moves the world”. Easy Feedback has been involved in the feedback market since 2015. Since then they incorporating concepts and innovative technologies. This helps to solve feedback problems. Hence, Easy Feedback acts as a private and trusted third party. That acts between customers, employees, and company management. Therefore, it makes easier for user feedback.  It would be easy to expresse, manage, rewards and generates satisfaction.

Vision of Easyfeedback

Easy Feedback’s vision is to promote feedback between consumers and companies. Their motive is to solve two issues. The issues have existed, exist and will exist:  

  • The communication problem between people.
  • The aspiration of humans to improve things.

Easy Feeback Token or EFT

Easy Feedback Token “EFT” was created to reward people from www.EasyFeedback.com. It improves products, services, and processes of companies and institutions. Moreover, EFTs can be exchanged for products, services, cryptocurrencies or money at a market price. In 2018, their project took an impeccable, formidable turn by incorporating the blockchain technology. For that reason, they are launching a Token (EFT) to make it possible. The Token, especially for people, give a meaningful response to companies and institutions. It is feedback that transmits knowledge. Therefore, Tokens “EFTs” for:

  • Consumers can offer suggestions to companies and institutions. This is to improve its products, services, and processes.
  • We communicate to a company by way of a complaint. Also claim about its products, services, and processes. But we do this regardless of the response the company gives us.
  • The appreciation of a job well done by people in a company or institution. So the people who have succeeded in giving excellent service.

Reasons behind buying Easy Feeback Token

  • People who acquire ETFs in the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). It will obtain a bonus between 10% and 40% on the price of the token. That depends on the phase at which they buy.
  • Easy Feedback already uses a secure, proven and easily scalable technology. The technology is to internationalize and commercialize the project. The already invested amount is 730,000$. Since then, more than 250,000 feedback messages have been sent. These messages are sent to more than 10,000 companies in 50 different countries. Companies are already using their business products.
  • Companies are already buying the Easy Feedback PRO subscription.
  • Easy feedback has already reached an agreement with the exchange Tokpie. Hence they can list the IEO is over. So holders of the tokens have the opportunity to exchange the EFT token. This is for other crypto coins or for legal tender.
  • Easy Feedback will buy 20% of its profits annually, generating liquidity.
  • 50% of the EFTs acquiring Easy feedback is distributed among people. So those people have EFTs to the official web wallet with KYC approved. The other 50% will return to the total supply.
  • By incorporating the blockchain, gives credibility to the feedback. Because of the transparency and immutability will help in verification. They verify that user. Company responses are honest and genuine.
  • The online store is also available. One can use the EFTs to buy exclusive and original products in their online store. If no interest means they can exchange their tokens as gift checks.
  • Easy feedback is the global hub of feedback. They want the link between private response and institutions globally. The private response is from customers to companies.

The Ecosystem

The blockchain platform is an ecosystem that will integrate:

Feedback writers: Users who generate feedback and wish to be rewarded for it. These users can send suggestions, queries, congratulations, complaints or claims centrally. Or simply to any company in the world. Hence, It guarantees to send it. Moreover, it is not possible to manipulate. Therefor their work will reward with EFTs by validator nodes.

Companies: companies committed to maintaining fluid communication with their customers. Therefore giving it authentic strategic value to achieve excellence. It also is part of the ecosystem. Companies already paying their Plan PRO subscription will make up the platform.

Validators: Blockchain technology will enable us to make objective evaluations. That is about the quality and reliability of feedback. To achieve this, they will use manual validation nodes. The nodes are Internal Node, Company Node, and Lawyer Node. The manual validation nodes could also be defined as Oracles.

<Validator nodes will communicate with the regulator node. That inserts users into the Alastria blockchain (Red T). Easy Feedback are members of them.>

User data privacy

Easy Feedback takes user data privacy very seriously. While storing, user data will be encrypted. Nobody, except the user, will be able to access or change the data. While rewarding users, the validator nodes will see the content. Most importantly, identity will remain anonymous. So identifying actual people will be impossible. Hence it is necessary to give guarantee in user data privacy. Easy Feedback will implement Alastria’s digital identity protocol. That aims to give legal validity to the user ID. easy feedback  

Generation and award of EFTs according to the value of the response

easy feedback

The internal validator node will evaluate the feedback sent by Easy Feedback users. The evaluation will happen according to 3 criteria. The criteria are usefulness, originality, and execution In this way, feedback sent to companies will be rewarded that:

  1.  Usefulness: is attractive, useful and interesting to the company.
  2. Originality: gives the company original and creative ideas or concepts.
  3. Execution: And whose implementation is also practical, viable and helps the company to improve.

The internal validator node will be composed of a Board of Consultants.  In each country consisting of 7 people. For each of the three categories of the feedback that are evaluated: USEFULNESS, ORIGINALITY, and EXECUTION. The Board of Consultants will use the following grading scale:    

  • VERY HIGH: 4
  • HIGH: 3
  • MEDIUM: 2
  • LOW: 1
  • VERY LOW: 0

          In this way, the maximum score that could be obtained from each consultant would be 12 points: USEFULNESS: 4 + ORIGINALITY: 4 + EXECUTION: 4. Therefore, the maximum total of both consultants would be 24 points. As a result, it is giving an average of 12 points. All the scores will convert into the equivalence of 12 points. Similarly, the value corresponds initially to 160 EFTs. The initial 160 tokens will vary depending on the trading value in the market. To evaluate user feedback, the consultants will ask to analyze. Give a score to each of these 3 questions:

  1. Is the feedback sent USEFUL to improve? 
  2. Is the response send to ORIGINAL?
  3. Could the response implement or EXECUTE in the company receiving it?

The Way we can earn Money

easy feedback

Token Distribution and Allocations

  Following two images for Toke Distribution and Token Allocation respectively.                          

easy feedback
                                                                                             Token Distribution

easy feedback

                                                                       Token Allocation


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