India Votes on Blockchain – Say’s Election commissioner MR. Sunil Arora

Yes what you reading is absolutely right. in the future, India will vote with the help of tamper-proof technology. MR. Sunil Arora Chief Election Commissioner of India in his latest interview revealed that India is going to vote with the help of Blockchain Technology .

Using blockchain to increase voter turnout:

Arora says, about 900 million people were eligible to vote in the 2019 elections. A one-third of them, or about 300 million people, did not vote.

India had over 450 million migrants people who had moved from their hometowns in search of jobs or to study and because of marriage.

Since many moves only temporarily. so it makes little sense for them to go through the hassle of registering as voters in their new place of residence.

Hence its identified as one of the country’s biggest voting problems.

At the opening session of the summit, Arora said that he hopes the Blockchain voting system will be put in place during his tenure, which ends in April 2021, adding that there is a proposal pending with the ministry of law to link voter IDs with Aadhaar.

Let’s wait and see how this tamper-proof technology does wonders in India Ecosystem