KickEX: A Profitable Referral Program

Hi all! Today I am going to discuss the most profitable referral program KickEx. It is an advanced and multilevel crypto exchange with the lowest trading fees. Most noteworthy, it is already listed on CoinMarketCap. So, these are some common information you need to know first before starting the trading. For more details, you have to go through my article once!

What is KickEx Referral Program?

KickEx Referral Program is a multilevel referral system with 10 levels. First of all, it allows getting a personal unique link (Referral Link) to invite traders to KickEx. Soon builds multilevel networks to earn referral rewards from the traders invited directly. The traders they invite on the next levels all the way down to the 10th level.

Follow the example below to clear Referral Structure:

A user Jay invites Alice, then Alice invites Peter and Peter invites Bob. So: Alice will be registered as a direct referral to Jay or his 1st-level referral, and Peter will be registered as a 2nd-level referral to Jay, while Bob will be the 3rd-level referral to Jay. Such a structure continues all the way down to the 10th level when more users join and continue building the network.

Terms & Definitions

Referrera person who refers to others and receives rewards from the referred users. From the above example: Referrer indicates to Jay.

Referrala person who has been invited or referred by another user. From the above example: Referral indicates to Alice and Peter.

Referral linka unique personal link, which contains a unique referrer id and is used to invite and refer users.

KickEx Referral Reward

Each trading fee paid by the referred users on KickEX will produce a corresponding reward for you based on your referral level. This means each time a user makes a payment. That is, paying a trading fee on KickEX, a part of it goes to the referrers that stand higher in the 10 level structure according to the referral levels reward percentage. Referral rewards are credited immediately to the involved referrers’ accounts in the currency used in the trading fee.

Follow the example below to clear Reward Calculations:

Jay invited Alice, and Alice invited Peter. Alice paid $100 in trading fees on KickEX, and Peter paid $100. So, Jay will receive $25 as a total reward from his referrals: $15 from Alice (100*15%=15), and $10 from Peter (100*10%=10). In the meantime, Alice will receive $15 as a referral reward from Peter, since he is a direct referral to Alice.

How does KickEx work?

After registering in the program each user receives a unique link (Referral Link) that is used for inviting users to the system. Based on these unique links, the system records the referral connections on who invited whom to calculate and distribute the referral rewards generated by the users when they pay for services. There are 10 levels in the system, which means that the referral connections go down to the 10th level. And the level determines the percentage of rewards for each referral level: the further down in the referral structure, the lower the rewards percentage, but more people due to multi-level marketing effect.

Follow the example below to clear KickRef Fuel Use:

Jay invited 50 users and received a total reward of 350,000 KICK. Assuming KICK/USDT rate equals to 0.001 in this example, the amount of KickRef Fuel will allow him to receive up to (350,000 x 0.001) / 0.1 = 3,500 USDT in referral rewards.

KickEx Referral Program: Early Start

There are two ways to start earning with KickEx Referral Program early. Before the exchange launch and upgrade the account for 1 year.

Let’s focus on the following ways-

Early Invite Rewards

Earn up to $3000 in KICK (Kick Token) for referring users to KickEX before the launch. Kick is available on more than 10 exchanges and can be easily converted into fiat currency. Rewards are credited according to Tires based on the number of users that join the KickEx Referral Program through your link directly. The direct joined users are your 1st level referrals. Below tables shows the amount of Kick token that you can get in each tire depends on the number of direct referral.

Kick USD current rate is available in that link ->

Tire Number Of Direct Referral Reward (KICK Token)
Tire 1 5 50,000
Tire 2 25 75,000
Tire 3 50 100,000
Tire 4 100 125,000
Tire 5 250 150,000
Tire 6 500 200,000
Tire 7 1000 300,000
Total= 1,000,000

< Note: The final rewards are credited only for 1st-level referrals who successfully pass the KYC and pay from $5 in trading fees in 6 month period after KickEX launch. If a referral has not done so in an allocated time period, it will not be accounted for and later deleted from the bonus system. >

Early Adopters Bonus

This bonus means that during the first year of KickEX operation, you can receive 2 times more referral rewards from your 1-st level invitees, whom you refer to prior KickEX launch! 30% reward from your 1-st level referrals will be available after they pass the KYC and pay at least $5 in trading commissions within 6 months after KickEX exchange launches.

KickEx Referral Program: Additional Bonus

Let’s talk about the additional bonus that helps you share your link and build the network.

Early Welcome Bonus

Early Welcome Bonus encourages users to join the KickEX Referral Program using your referral link. When a new user registers via your link, he/she receives 10,000 KICK after fulfilling the necessary condition which is to confirm his/her email address. By all means, Kick Tokens will serve as a fuel that is used to receive the referral rewards, be it in BTC, ETH or other currencies. For each $1, $0,1 worth of KickTokens will be deducted from the expense account.

<Note: If a user joins the program without the referral link, the reward for email confirmation will be only 1,000 KICK.>

KickRef Fuel: Eliminate Potential Hackers

The KickRef Fuel is a  “fuel” system that works as an additional guarantee. All participants get to benefit the Ecosystem and do not just build up multi-level empty structures to boost their referral bonus. It’s difficult to trick the system. Thanks to the KickTokens fuel, KYC verification and the requirement to pay at least $5 in trading commissions. Such methods will eliminate potential hackers, and make the creating of the fake referral structure almost impossible.

Where do I get a KickEx referral link?

To get the referral Link, follow the below steps-

Step#1: Click that link to visit KickEx referral program:


Step#2: Register with your first name, last name, valid email, and password.


Step#3: Then you will get your referral link.


Step#4: You will be able to copy and share your personal referral link right from the dashboard, as well as monitor your status and rewards.


How do I get more referrals?

Get your personal link and start sharing it on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or other messengers. Post in your blog or create banners – anything works! All you have to do – share your link!

Why start now?

Early users get substantial advantages over those who join later:

  • The sooner you join: The bigger your network, the higher your position in the system, which results in higher earnings.
  • All direct referrals invited: Before the KickEX launch will produce x2 referral rewards during the first year, 30% from all the trading fees paid.
  • Participate in KickEX Referral Program: Early start and earn up to $3,000 in KickTokens for referring users to KickEX, while you build your network.

When does the program start/end?

The program starts on September 26, 2019, and Early Start rewards end with the KickEX Exchange launch scheduled for no later than December 31, 2019, at 12:00 pm UTC.


To sum up, the KickEx referral program allows you to build up your own multi-level network that benefits you and all the people you invite to join. No upfront contributions are needed. These people can be your friends, family members or even strangers who will use your referral invitation link. They could be friends of your friends to the 10th level down the familiarity tree. But no matter how they from you, you’ll get a part of the commission they will pay to KickEX. That way, you will benefit not only from your own direct actions but also from the actions of individuals that you referred to.

Click the link below to start a Happy Airdropping with KickEx

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