Mainnet and Testnet – explained

Mainnet and Testnet are the topics nowadays we are seeing very often in social media especially in twitter trolls like Mainnet Launch for X project, Y project, and Z project. So what is exactly Mainnet means?

I have read about Mainnet and Testnet very long back and just thought to put some points for newbies who want to enter into Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I hope this could be helpful for them.

Well, in Layman’s language to say every blockchain have two different networks:

1.TestNet or Test network
2.MainNet, Main network or Mainnet Swap

To make it more simple to understand Testnet & Mainnet are like prelaunch and postlaunch of a project.

Testnet Vs Mainnet

Testnet or Test network:

To explain the ability of the particular blockchain project to the users and investors, a prototype test will be run by project developers on “Testnet” first. For better results, this test will be done by doing some changes within the blockchain itself. Since this is a trial this does not charge any transaction fee also the transactions are not real. In other words, Testnet is a sandbox ecosystem where the developers can run and test the functionality mentioned in the whitepaper. This is the safest network where the developers can do their experiments without disturbing or breaking the main or original blockchain

Mainnet or Mainnet Swap :

In the name itself, we can see the importance of the main network. This is the main or real product for the end-user which is available for people to use. Mainnet is the real version of blockchain. Mainnet is the place where actual transactions happen with real cryptocurrencies or coins. Once the developers create their product and feel good about it, this is where they launch Decentralize applications.

The biggest use case here is, Mainnet brings credibility to the product. Usually, once the main net goes live it is a signal for the traders who are waiting for so long. In other words, this means that the project is ready to use for the public. Since Mainnet launch is the biggest event, there must be a huge requirement of resources at the time of launch or even before that to maintain.

Conclusion: Hence both Testnet and Mainnet are two sides of a blockchain. A Testnet is a blockchain that uses identical technology and software as the “Mainnet” blockchain. However, whereas the Mainnet network is used for “actual” transactions with “value”, Testnets are used for testing smart contracts and decentralized applications by project development teams.