SafePost: A Confidential Encrypted Messaging Service

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Desiairdrops Blog. Today I am going to provide some valuable information about- SafePost and their attractive December giveaway.

So, let’s start.

What is SafePost?

Did your personal data breach on social media? Is it not annoying to get spam and fraudulent emails? Because we never want to receive those emails or messages classified as SPAMs. When it is about any transaction on an exchange, we always want to keep secret our message. Also, try to protect our privacy from the third hand. So, in this situation, SafePost brings a solution for us.

SafePost offers a new way to exchange messages safely and confidentially. Breaking away from the email technology, this new messaging service relies on open source technology, including blockchain to encrypt the content of exchanged messages. Thus, it eliminates spam, spyware, and other fraudulent posts. 

The decentralized architecture adopted by SafePost guarantees its reliability. It ensures its safety and security that message or documents you want to exchange with your contacts. So, nobody other than yourself and the person you send it can able to see what’s the inside of your message.

The following are some features of SafePost to end the spam and fraudulent emails-

  1. No more unsolicited e-mails: you only receive posts from contacts you wish to be connected with.
  2. Restrictions in missed e-mails: you are notified every time when you receive a new mail.
  3. No more phishing e-mails.
  4. Put to the end of wrongly classified junk mails while they are ok.
  5. No possibility for an outside person (hackers, any third party including SaePost team also) to read your messages and documents.

A Special Offer from SafePost

Good news for all crypto lovers from SafePost. That is SafePost running a special promotion from 1st December to 31st December with a total price pool of 700 USD. And this is worth of Ethereum tokens. This is really lucrative!

Click on the link to get this lucrative opportunity-

How We can Participate in SafePost Giveaway?

To participate in the SafePost promotion program, you have to do the following steps.

Step1) Create an account on the SafePost website using your regular email address. While creating your account on this platform, you have to provide a ‘nickname’. This nickname is your identifier on the SafePost platform. At last click on ‘Go to next step’.


Step2) After that, you will automatically redirect to the Step2. Here you need to click on ‘Save changes’.



Step3) In this step, you need to put your activation code that has been sent to the email that you have provided while creating your account.


Step4) When your account is completely set-up you can find 1,000 STAMP on the of the screen. And that is your welcome gift.


How We can Invite Our Network in SafePost?

To invite your friends, you have to do the following steps.

Step1) Go to your profile page. At the top of the screen, you can see the option ‘My Account’. From there you have select ‘Invite contacts’.


Step2) Now you are in your invitation panel. Under the Invite Contacts, you can see a text box is there. So, now you can invite someone safepost nickname if they are part of the platform. Or else, fire their email address if you are the only one to introduce them. After that click on ‘Send invitation’.


Step3) After that you have to click on the ‘yes’ button to confirm your invitation. Then you can check your invitation status. 100 STAMP you will get for each referral.




How to Create New Messages?

To send messages, you have to do the following steps.

Step1) Click on the ‘New Post’ option.



Step2) In this section, in the recipient (mentioned as TO) you can put either safepost nickname or contact name. Fill up your subject (mentioned as Subject) by keeping it Normal or Important. Normally you can add Attachment in the blue-button above. Then fill up the body of your message. After completing you just hit on the ‘send’ button. No third party, not even Safepost are able to see the messages. Because all are sent in an encrypted format.


Requirements to Participate December Giveaway

To participate in the December Giveaway, the only thing you need to have the following requirements.

  • A SafePost account with 5 registered Contacts.
  • The daily average of three messages you need to send throughout December.


Check out the following winner prizes.

  • 1st prize: $200 in Ethereum;
  • 2nd prize: $100 in Ethereum;
  • 3rd and 4th prize: $50 in Ethereum each;
  • 5th and following prizes: $20 in Ethereum each;
  • 10th and following prizes: $10 in Ethereum each.


The promotion has already started (1st December). So if you already created your account on SafePost. Then keep sending the invitation to your friends. Moreover, don’t forget to send messages to valid SafePost contacts. And if you haven’t opened the account yet. Then don’t wait for anything, just go grab your prize by creating an account and participating in such type of lucrative giveaway.

Click on this link to paricipate SafePost giveaway-