the Impact Of War On Bitcoin And Other World Currency

Will War Cause a Ripple Effect For Bitcoin and Other World Currency?

Fiscal and monetary effects of war have a profound effect on the global economy. So today we’ll try to analyze the Impact Of War On Bitcoin And Other World Currency. Economic trends show that throughout history, war has caused inflation and investors. Who wish to avoid losses in fiat, should look at expanding their portfolio to hedge against extended periods of price instability. 

Researching America’s long history, Author Roger Bootle commented that there is a strong link between the two. Using multiple wars and data, bad credit, inflation. And the need for quick thinking before a change to the world economy is key. 

This is where new technology could find its place. 

Currently, Bitcoins Price stands below 8,000USD. This latest figure shows a strong gain for the cryptocurrency asset. But does it have anything to do with the possible Iran war? Iran’s General Qassem Soleimani being killed, and what could be ahead for the global economy. 

Fiat currencies face inflation, this applies to all world currency, and for some market analysts. The sudden spike falls under this fight to ensure people do not lose value from sudden troubles in their country’s economy and local currency. 

Bitcoin does not face inflationary problems. Fiat currencies like the Iranian Rial and the United States Dollar do. 

Wars lead to high inflation, for that reason, investors must take action to insulate their portfolios against the effects of that inflation. —

Traditionally Gold and other scarce assets would have been how many investors hedge and find possible security. However, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin now available, the markets and people. And have more options. But could Bitcoin enter into this type of thinking for security? Truthfully, it will depend on how you look at Bitcoin and its correlation with these market changes. 

Talking with people in the crypto industry

Asking the UniDAX Exchange team, their opinion was that Bitcoin and 10%, 20% or even 50% changes in value. It happens frequently over its history, with many metrics forming the overall change. 

For Iran, Bitcoin could be a viable way to fight off inflation problems. By shielding their wealth against possible problems with the local Rial. However, it is important to also state that Bitcoin like all other cryptocurrencies sees constant dips and rises in value, with very difficult reasons as to why.

Michael Novogratz, a top name in crypto and CEO of Galaxy Digital. When asked about the upcoming possibilities. He said, 

“the more I analyze this Iranian situation,” the more bullish the case becomes for gold and bitcoin.

“Mideast less stable,” Novogratz tweeted. “Equals more volatility.”

Asset risk and fiat inflation are only the beginning if war breaks out between any country. Is Bitcoin a safe bet, or will traditional Gold type investments continue to reign supreme? 

The 1990s were great for financial assets. But the 21st century has already brought major changes to the world economy and the investment markets. You need to prepare for the changes that are still coming.

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