WarrenBuffett – the legendary investor shared a CRYPTO MEAL with Chinese entrepreneur

Warren Buffet – Justin

Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun finally shared a meal with legendary investor Warren Buffett.

WarrenBuffett said that Crypto and blockchain are still at their infant stage, and blockchain has its value. There are a lot of incredible companies in the payment realm, and it has huge demands. He believes blockchain technology will have a disruptive effect on the future of payment. Mr. Buffett shared a lot of his wisdom in business, investment and life in general, And of course there were a lot of conversations around blockchain and crypto – according to sources.

Among a slew of gifts, Sun presented Buffett with a Samsung phone loaded with one Bitcoin and a number of Tron TRX coins that corresponded with the 89-year-old’s birthday.

After the dinner, Sun is considering joining the Giving Pledge with Buffett and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates to donate the bulk of his fortune to charity, Dennis said. Conclusion: ‪Justin is trying hard to push TRON, let’s see ‪How this charity dinner with Warren Buffett will impact the future of the Tron Foundation???